Where can you buy UK girls smocked dress? (Part 4)

As I mentioned in the previous post, now, I will introduce to you the rest types of uk girls smocked dress and how to buy product on lewave.co.uk. Please read and enjoy it!

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Christening gown

A christening gown is a traditional garment worn by infants and small children during baptisms or christenings.

Christening gowns normally have high waistlines on scoop-necked or collared bodices with short sleeves and long, loose skirts often falling past the baby’s feet. Gowns of Lewave are usually made of cotton, linen, or silk because they are soft fabrics that will not irritate a baby’s skin.

Children christening gowns of Lewave are always hand smocked and inserted lace on the bodice or skirts. Children gowns often come with a matching bonnet and sometimes with booties.

Christening gowns are always shades of white, to symbolize purity and innocence, and may be simple or elaborate. However, you can choose other colors for baby such as ivory, pastel shades of pink for baby girls if your religion allows using other colors not white.

How to buy uk girls smocked dresses at Lewave?

Girls smocked dresses of Lewave are so beautiful, aren’t they? And are you wanting to buy lovely smocked dress for your angels but you don’t know how to buy Lewave’s products? Don’t worry, I will guide you how to buy uk smocked dresses online at Lewave!

It’s very simple! You just need folow below steps:

Step 1: Login Lewave.co.uk if you had an account or register to become our member

Step 2: Choose product to see detail

Step 3: Please provide us with information about the item code, size, quantity per size and fabric you desire

Step 4: Email to our supporters your request. Our supporters are always ready to reply you within 24 hours.

Please visit our website Lewave.co.uk and click at “How to place an order” to find detail information!

That’s all I want to share with you about girls smocked dress uk. Hope that this article is useful for you!

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