Velvet warm as mother’s lap

Have you heard the Andersen story of the little match girl?

If yes, probably it makes us desire to help the poor children live more happily.

There is also another story of a little poor girl Daisy nowadays. She is an orphan in slum areas. To earn living, she have to vendor scarves on street. On the New Year Eve’s, Daisy lonely wander along streets, trying to sell scarves. But nobody sold. Daisy stopped to sit in front of a clothing shop. She gazed for a velvet luxury dress shown into shop window. She whispered to the dress: “You look great. I like you so much.” Fireworks began. It is heard that wishes will come true if kids wishes. Daisy looked over the sky and wished:

The 1st firework turn: She wished to meet her dad and mom

The 2nd  turn: wishing to have a New Year feast

The 3rd: wishing to wear that velvet dress

When the firework ended, the little Daisy sadly backed home. Suddenly,  a woman appeared near the shop. After listening to the wishes of the girl, she told Daisy: “I can make your wishes no.2 and no.3 come true right now.” The good-hearted woman took Daisy to a party in house. Daisy was very beautiful in the velvet dress that she wished. The woman are the very owner of that shop. She decided to arrange her as a kid model for the fashion photography. Since that, Daisy can go to school and became a brand model for the shop. One day, the owner said to Daisy: “Now can I make the 1st wish of yours? Do you agree to be a daughter of ours?” So happily, Daisy hugged her and said: Yes, thank you so much, my Mommy, My Fairy!

In rough conditions, velvet is soft as mother’s lap, warming up the child’s dreams.

Let your baby living in velvet. And also try to help the wishes of the poor kids.

Now let’s contemplate the velvet dresses made of compassion that Babeeni brings lucky Daisy.

Bring your kids in mother’s lap with velvet:

Lovely red velvet floral plain dress – DR 2809

Feature: Red velvet fabric. Floral collar and long sleeves.
Shaped in A-line dress. Mother of pearls stick around the collar.
Lovely purple velvet smocked dress – DR 2807

Feature: Hand smocked velvet smocked dress with tiny flowers on the chest, long sleeves.

Dark purple velvet fabric.

Hand smocked velvet dress with pearls – DR 2802

Feature: Pink Velvet Dress with geometric hand smocked patterns with pearld in heart shape, white laces, petal sleeves, back buttons.

Big bow velvet dress for little girls – DR 2796

Feature: Velvet dress with laces on collars, chests & sleeves. big bow on back.

Baby girl navy velvet dress- DR 2791

Feature: Velvet dress with laces on the chest, short sleeve. Back Button for easy dressing.


Baby girl navy velvet pearl dress- DR 2788

Feature: Baby girl navy velvet pearl dress with laces on chest, long sleeve.

Back Button for easy dressing. Mother of pearl and metallic silver thread are added.

Pink velvet lace dresses for Baby Girl – DR 2787

Feature: Pink velvet lace dresses for Baby Girl with laces on chest and collar, long sleeve. Button for easy dressing.





























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