Tips to make a baby diaper

Do you think you can make a diaper for your baby by yourself?

It is a simple deed if you think it is simple and ready to make for your beloved baby.

Now, let’s follow some steps:

1. Place the pattern over the cloth and draw accordingly so as to make the front and back pieces.

2. Cut out the cloths (with seams of 1cm) for front and back







3. Cut pieces for ruffles

4. Overlock around the cloth pieces






5. Sew edges of ruffles and shrink ruffles by pulling threads





6. Pin ruffles to keep position with a pin-> Sew

7. Sew ruffles with along the back

8. Sew the front and back together

9. Sew a stitch to make hole edges (front and back)

10. Pin eslastic band into the edges

11. Sew the waistband and legs of diaper





































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