Some tips to make clothes look like new

Today I will share some tips to make clothes look like new. Let’s explore it now!

  1. Do not use “cheap” detergent.

Cheap or low-quality detergent which has high alkalinity makes clothes worn out early. We know using low-quality detergent could save every month-cost but, you will need to buy new clothes more frequently.

In other hands, if you use low-quality detergent or wash carelessly, your baby’s skin may be suffered from skin disease. So, it is better to use qualified detergent for washing your baby clothes.

  1. Separate the laundry

We should not put all different kind of clothes: the white, the color, the denim clothes… in once laundry. Because, the color will turn fade, for example,  turns to oranges, white smocked t-shirt turns to a bit yellow, and turns to be a bit brownish. So separating those laundries into several parts is the next essential step, such as:

  • White clothes
  • Bright color clothes (such as red, pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, etc…)
  • Dark color clothes (such as black, gray, dark blue, dark green, etc.)
  • Soft clothes (such as lingerie, silk clothes, bikini, etc)
  • Heavy laundry (such as thick jacket, blanket, bed cover, towel, etc)
  • Oily or very dirty laundry (such as stove napkin, towel doormat, etc)
Clean washing in three plastic laundry baskets
  1. Do not wash clothing too often

Washing clothes often make them always clean, but not so prevents clothes from wearing out.

If your son just wears an outfit only just for 2 – 3 hours, you may just hang it and get it windy (not if that outfit got dirty with food stain, blood, or mud, etc), because washing too often affect the quality of the material and the color of the clothes. The material will be threadbare and the color will fade out.

  1. Try not using washing machine and drying machine

It is the easy way to save your energy and time if you use a washing machine and drying machine. But with some kind of easily-stretch-materials clothes, we should wash by hand such as t-shirt, sports clothes, cardigans, etc. That not only keeps the shape but also makes the colors like new ones too.

Do you have to buy more than a clothing for the style that your little ones like? I don’t think so. May be just by applying these tips you could keep the clothes at good state for a very long time.

Thank you for attention!

Babeeni team.



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