Threads of Happiness Flowers

Some time ago, a princess always felt lonely since her mother passed away. The daddy king married with a new wife who became step mother of the princess. This makes the little girl more sadness. She got depression. People had never seen smiles on her face. It is claimed that the stepmother is a reason for her disease.

However, the new queen is a kind hearted woman. She really considered the little princess as a daughter. She was only quiet to rumors. Silently, the stepmother planted flowers in a garden, and sew baby dresses by herself everyday. Even when she are sick, she still tried to do this frequently. Sometimes, her hands bled because of fast needles but she was still patient to keep stitching during one year.

When the spring came, the stepmother took the princess to the garden filled with blossoming flowers. And the floral dresses she made were also hung there. She said to the little girl:

“Here is a garden that your mom planted and the dresses your mom made only for you. She was assigned to travel to a paradise now. And she told me to take care of this garden and tell you something: Baby, when you wear these dresses, it means that your mom is embracing you.  When the flowers blossom, it means your mom is  smiling to you. So, why do not you smile and kiss her every day?”

The princess suddenly smiled. Her face got bright up. Amazingly, she call the stepmother: “Mommy, I miss you so much!”. The new queen was so moved to say: “You see, the flowers are blossoming more when seeing your smiles, my sweet baby!.”  Since that, the princess live happily with the new queen.

The story shows us that: If you sew a dress by threads of love, you will make everything happy definitely.

Indeed, with a mission of bringing kids happiness, tailors and designers of Babeeni always devote their best to sew and embroider the best baby dresses. Now let’s follow threads of love and caring to see the blossoming dresses for your princess:

Flowery Rose Butterfly Geometric Dress – DR 2862

Feature: Delightful flowery rose butterfly geometric dress for the little girl with rose and pink &red geometric patterns on the chest.

Flower printed 4.0 fabric;  Hand-smocked


Romance Pink Rose flowery geometric dress – DR 2860

Feature: Geometric dress for the little girl with hand smocked patterns on the chest.


Bellarose geometric dress for little girl – DR 2864

Feature: Geometric dress for the little girl with hand smocked patterns on the chest.

Diantha vibrant floral pleated dress – DR 2899

Feature: The floral 4.0 printed fabric dress is embellished with a stylish white lace under the chest. Hand embroidery

Eden Garden Vintage floral printed dress – DR 2898



Sonia Bright Sunflower Sleeveless Dress – DR 2886

Feature: A-line dress with Sunflower hand embroidery pattern and twin pocket in the front. Buttons on back.

Fairy rose ribbon embroidery Dress for little girl – DR 2882

Feature: Girl dress with flowery hand embroidery patterns on the chest. Sleeveless, ribbons and button on the shoulder for easy dressing. Woven digital printing 4.0 fabric.


Bloom Rose Crochet Plain Dress for little girl – DR 2880

Feature: Hand Crochet Plain Dress with Fairy rose fabric, crochet top and Scallop.

Laura Blossom Rose Embroidery Dress – DR 2875

Feature: Layered with vibrant decent floral printed fabric featured with hand embroidered flower heart.

Gardenia floral A-line dress for babies girls – DR 2866

Feature:Gardenia floral A-line dress for babies girls with hand smocked names & long sleeves.

































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