Swimwears for little girls with sea love

A little girl Anna is homeless. She often goes to sea wharf market to collect died fishes and scrimps that people throw away for meals. One day, Anna saw out a small whale arrested in a bucket. The whale’s eyes make Anna feel sorry for its destiny. She decided to rescue the whale and release it back the sea. The owner chased Anna and beat her cruelly. He forces her to work as a debt.

One day, when walking on the shore, she met the whale again. It said to her that: “Thank you for your help. I cannot help you now to but someday another will help you like the way you are kind to me.”

One day when drawing on the sand, Anna met a old tailor. She highly appreciate the little girl’s drawing talent. So, Anna redeemed her from the owner and brought to home. The kind-hearted taught her the embroidery and sewing clothes. Eventually, the little girl become a famous designer and tailor. Her first collection is swimwear with the message to protect sea creatures and the ocean.

Follow Babeeni to see some beautiful swimwear inspired from the beautiful message:

Cute crab smocked two piece bikini set – BB963
Feature: Lovely baby girl swimwear for Summer with crab smocked on the chest
Material: Blue stripe fabric

Crab hand smocked swimwear for little girl – BB533

Feature: Very lovely swimwear for kids with cute hand smocking embroidery pattern of crabs on the bodice
Material: Red with white dot + Navy chevron

Cute lobster smocked swimwear for little girl – BB990

Feature : Cute girl swimwear with lobster smocked on the chest
Material : Red with small white dot fabric
Nice octopus smocked girl swimwear – BB897
Feature: Nice swimwear for girls with octopus hand smocked on the bodice
Material : Aqua stripe seersucker
Lovely labrador smocked girl swimwear – BB899
Feature: Lovely swimsuit for girls with Labrador hand smocked pattern
Material : Red with black polka dot
Cute whale applique 2 pieces swimwear – BB667
Feature: Cute 2 piece swimwear for little girl with whale applique pattern on the chest.
Material: Lime green gingham
Cute mermaid smocked swimwear for girl – BB946
Feature : Cute swimwear for girl with the mermaid smocked pattern on the bodice
Material :Hot pink plain + Aqua polka dot ruffle



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