Money-earning to survive over Corona

Coronavirus is breaking out worldwide, locking down many areas. The international slogan: “Stay home” is vital for everyone now.  At this moment, health of you and your family is your top priority. That you stay at home means that your family are protected, however, it means our budget is tied gradually due to unemployment or loss of monthly salary income. How can you manage life with a little subsidy?

A solution is not new but quite ideal to solve this hard current situation. Work from Home! Take advantages of online business to earn money!

Make money without leaving home during the coronavirus pandemic.  You can do it!

Babeeni will accompany with you in starting up a clothing online boutique. If your income is on risks to fall or be cut off completely, we’re here to help. As a leading clothing manufacturer that specializes in selling wholesales and supply at the best factory price, Babeeni is confident to help consult on the best designs trends on kids clothing in your local market. You can continue getting paid by taking advantage of online channels and social media simply like facebook, instagram to implement marketing strategies and build your own brand. Food and clothing is basic essentials for life anywhen anywhat happens. Moreover,  children is always the most precious humans that parents remain sustainable demand to dress them and give them priority in any circumstances.

Now let’s have a look over some design by Babeeni so that you have overview on this business ideas.

Vintage smocked dress bold red rose printed fabric – BB1684

Feature: Pretty dress for little girl in bishop style with geometric and tiny flowery patterns smocked around the neck, puff sleeves, back buttons, nice red scallop. Good choice to wear both at home and at event or party.

Fabric: large red and white floral fabric

Floral dress with geometric embroidered and ruffled collar – BB1662

Feature: Beautiful bishop dress with traditional geometric embroidery on ruffle around the neck, short sleeves with small pink zigzag.

Fabric: hot pink floral + cream plain fabric

Vintage floral printed dress with red bow – BB1654

Feature: Pretty dress for little girl with flower and zigzag on the bodice, puff sleeves, back buttons and lovely red bow at back.

Fabric: Red and turquoise floral

Geometric smocked bubble mint with rose boutique – BB1647

Feature: Beautiful bubble for little girl with geometric pattern embroidered on white hand smocked, short sleeves.

Fabric: Mint with rose boutique

Geometric dress white smock pink with rose boutique – BB1646

Feature: Beautiful girl dress in bishop style with geometric smocked patterns on the neck, short sleeves.

Fabric: Pink with rose boutique

Tiny flower geometric smocked bishop dress – BB1552

Feature: Pretty dress for little girl in bishop style with tiny flower hand embroidery on geometric smocked patterns, angel wing sleeves

Fabric: White pique plain

Geometric handmade smocked girl dress – BB1521

Feature: Pretty dress for little girl with geometric handmade smocked patterns, round neck, short sleeves.

Fabric: Baby blue, grey, white plaid fabric

Flower hand embroidered smocked dress – BB1519

Feature: Beautiful dress for little girl with geometric smocked patterns and flower hand embroidery, round neck, white lace around neck and angel sleeves.

Fabric: Baby pink linen 2 fabric

Beautiful geometric smocked flower dress – BB1325

Feature: Beautiful bishop dress with traditional geometric hand smocked patterns,short sleeves.

Fabric: Red and turquoise floral



Sure, the active income will help you survive and thrive. Let’s make a a hub for help during the Coronavirus Crisis!





























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