Sacrifice of the Fabric Angel

A contest to seek for the best type of dress was held in a city. All types of tailors from different regions took part in the event. Anyone also try to show their performance to gain a champion cup.

Before contest, many candidates had to prepare for an idea. A poor girl Cheery who has a talent in sewing also desired to join. But she was sad because she could not afford to buy threads and materials. One night, an Angel woke up the girl and said: “ Cheery, I am Angel of Fabric. For your enthusiasm and desire, I will help you to make a dress for the contest. But I only exist in night, so you need work until the sun rises.”  Cheery was so happy to agree with this. During nights, restlessly she tried to weave hard and embroider patterns on the fabric. However, on the third day, she realized the cloth feels painful when she sew it with needles. It turned out that the Angel went into fabric. She stopped sewing and refused to finish the dress. But the Angel told: “I am still fine. Keep working not to waste our effort.” The girl followed to make a hand embroidered dress.

Finally, Cheery became the winner of the contest. She was asked what the best value of the dress is. She answered: “I think it shows great sacrifice of fabric. Despite pains caused by needles of sewing, the fabric endured to help create the dress. I am much grateful for its fabric.”

Yes, each dress is made by effort and even sacrifice of other factors and humans. So, we should understand and respect their values while wearing them. 4600 needles for each products.

Go with Babeeni to see the hand embroidered dresses containing all efforts of Fabric Angels.

Lovely ruffle girl embroidery dress –

Feature:  Girl embroidery dress, highlighted with flower embroidered pattern around the collar, ruffle at waist, sleeveless.

Material: Mint, white plain fabric

Laura Blossom Rose Embroidery Dress – DR 2875

Feature: Layered with floral printed fabric featured with hand embroidered flower heart.

This design has long sleeves that are an ideal for seasonal transition.

Cute monkey smocked longall for boys – BC 546

Feature:  Boys smocked longall with cute monkeys hold apple, pencil, school bag hand smocked pattern, buttons on the shoulder for easy putting on and off.
Material : Red, yellow and dark green plaid fabric.

Flowery Rose Butterfly Geometric Dress – DR 2862

Feature: Flowery geometric dress for the little girl with rose and pink &red geometric patterns on the chest.

Material: Big Peony Flower printed 4.0 fabric; WOVEN DIGITAL PRINTING 4.0- 65% COTTON, 35% POLYESTER

Romance Pink Rose flowery geometric dress – DR 2860 

Feature:  Geometric dress for the little girl with rose and pink geometric patterns on the chest. Material: Romantic pink rose fabric; WOVEN DIGITAL PRINTING 4.0- 65% COTTON, 35% POLYESTER

I43 – Orange and pink peony printed 4.0 woven fabric 


Diantha vibrant floral pleated dress – DR 2899

Feature: Adorable sleeveless dress is outstanding with the bold rose pattern.

The floral printed dress is embellished with a stylish white lace under the chest.

Material:  Red and pink peony fabric














































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