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Flower Power–Inspiration to Blossom

“Flower Power” was a slogan used during the late 1960s and early 1970s as a reference to hippie movement. Hippies or “flower children” is the symbolism by dressing in clothing with embroidered flowers and vibrant colors. It shows ideals of universal beauty, harmony and love.

Literally, the term “Flower Power” itself shows the attractiveness and  strength of flower species. Flowers beautify the life with their aroma and appearances. They also enrich human souls full of creativity to make the ever colorful earth. Especially, flowers are considered as close friends of children whose souls are pure with floral smiles all the time.

For the inspiration to blossom, Babeeni are very excited to bring kids our new collection titled “Flower Power”. So, you can imagine that it must be a world of floral clothing filled with colours and scents of  flowers. It is a gift toward baby girls – the most beautiful flowers on the Earth.

Besides, it is a coincidence that “Flower Power” was a symbolic action of protest against the Vietnam War for peace. Thus, the collection is significantly worth naming “Flower Power”. Accordingly, Babeeni can honor values of Peace-Nature-Love together with our brand “Made in Vietnam” as well.

We believe the new designs that focus on nature theme will satisfy your kids. With a blossom style following global trend, and impressively tailored on Babeeni’s latest 4.0 digital printed woven fabrics.

Let’s have a look over “Flower Power” and “let a thousand flowers bloom”! (Abbie Hoffman-1970s).

From Fresh Floral Fields to Fabrics   

Journey of our collection “Flower Power” includes a trip of Babeeni bees seeking for the best floral fields and gardens. It is a place where a variety of fresh flowers perform spectacular colour shows in the nature’s symphony. There immediately, we took a chance of asking the queen flowers to lend us their colours for drawing. It means what we aim to share with kids is the collection. The very natural colours of real flowers have been moved into the hues of clothing texture of “Flower Power”. Remarkably, for the first time Babeeni apply fabric printing technology to make flowers seen in 3D as alive as possible.

Fleur Rose Babeeni Girl Dress

The dress, for example, hightlights the actual red of fresh roses lively. With hand monogram Babeeni on the collar, it makes baby girls fascinating angels in fragrant floral field.

Like Princesses in Floral Palace

With remarkably the digital printing for eye-popping bouquet patterns, Babeeni’s fabrics seem to be like “embroided” dedicatedly. It combines vintage and contemporary style when we “emboss” big flowers instead of tiny florals of the past vintage trend. Kids in both classical and modern clothing look elegant like little princesses in a floral palace.

Vintage floral monogram girl dress

Laura Blossom Rose Embroidery Dress

La Vie En Rose    

One of flower’s powers is to make “life always be rosy” (“La vie en rose”). With the same message, we aim to let baby girls blossom with rose geometric dresses and flourish a rosy life. 

Romance Pink Rose flowery geometric dress


Fleur Rose pink girl quilted vest

Blossom Pink Rose Girl A-line dress

Flowery Mystery 

Through Flower Power, Babeeni devoted our best to handicraft techniques such as hand-smocked, hand embroidery, pleated, gathering, scallop…so that every dress is perfect for children to feel comfortable and gorgeous in party or formal events and holidays.

Flowery Rose Butterfly Hand-Smocked Geometric Dress 

Flowery Rose Butterfly Hand-Smocked Geometric Dress

Gardenia Asymmetrical Pleated Dress

Bloom Rose Crochet Plain Dress (with scallop tech)

During the discovery of flowery mystery, Babeeni found out a wisdom. It is necessary for every kid to plant a flowery seed in its soul to make blossom childhood. So, let’s bring kids the best beautiful things. And do not forget to take some best clothing of our Flower Power collection to enjoy La Vie En Rose!





































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