Introduce types of children christening clothes (Part 1)

A child’s christening is one of the most special and memorable occasion of his or her young life. A christening outfit will make the event more elegance and special.  Traditionally, the infant boy or girl is dressed in a pure white outfit to represent his or her innocence. But nowadays, there are a wide variety of types of christening clothes from more traditional to modern christening clothes. So today, I will discuss about types of children christening clothes.

Traditionally, both boys and girls wear christening gowns in baptism. Unisex gowns are popular. But, modern families often choose a boys’ romper or suit rather than the traditional gown.

Kid christening clothes generally include two main categories: boys’ christening clothes and girls’ christening clothes. Within these categories, there are a variety of types of christening outfits for each gender, including tiny tuxedo outfits for boys and elaborate, beautiful christening gowns for little girls.

Boys’ christening clothes

When it comes to christening to clothes for boys, there are a wide variety of options to choose from including from traditional christening outfit such as a gown and bonnet to a more modern choice like a tuxedo or romper.


Rompers or jumpers are popular choices of mothers for baby boys in christening. A christening romper or jumper set is a one- piece outfit which covers the child’s arm and leg. Rompers have jackets that go over the romper itself, and they always decorate by special accoutrements like pearl buttons, a collar, or embroidery or embellishment on the top. Cotton, satin, or silk are always chosen to made boy’s christening rompers. Some rompers come with a hat and matching shoes. Rompers are available in various colors but the most common color for all christening clothes is white, off-white, beige, or a cream color.

I have you some general information about children christening clothes and the first type of boy’s christening outfit. Let wait for the next part and find more about types of christening outfit for boys.



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