How to choose a kids clothing manufacurer

If you are seeking for a children clothing manufacturer, it is a wonderful choice to visit a nice manufacturer – Babeeni Vietnam-that specializes in producing and exporting kid garments in Vietnam. Babeeni has three factories located in Hai Duong province, the North of Vietnam. It is specific with smocked embroidery and products made by hands.       

Now, let’s take a photos trip with “hands” of Babeeni to visit one of its factories so as to get deeper insight about how elaborately a dress is made and feel about value of products and human labors.   

First, discover a special and traditional section that definitely surprises you with many interesting things. It is smocking and hand-embroidery section. Stepping in to the a peaceful space, you will meet “hands” of craft boys are turning manually on pleaters to gather fabrics into smocked pieces. It takes a craftsman at least one year to study how to smock for various types of fabrics skillfully. 

The smocking pleaters are in a classic style, reminding of the manual smocking machine invention in the 18th century that helped tailors to make up the pleats.  Smocking needs be made by hands to get consistency in beautifully gathered fabrics.  

After smocked pieces are completed, they are transferred to craft women to embroider patterns. And it is time to contemplate “hands” of embroiderers who decorate the pleated fabrics with lovely patterns. 

They look elder and experienced with many years of working with needles in performing hand-embroidery techniques. The patterns are embroidered elaborately in each threading meticulously.

Next, walk to the sewing section to see how many stages of the production process is.  You meet more ingenious “hands” that take charge of their majors. 

It is surprising to see hands cutting into fabric pieces according to printed designs like the dancing following music notes.    

And other hands continue to sew each sewing line for each part of a dress: sleeves, collars, waists..

And then let’s go to machine – embroidery section. You can be lost in the world of colorful fabrics and threads. 

Hands of technicians always appear to control and operate machines. 

And there are also many other stages if you can discover how a dress was born until it is packed and shipped to kids clothing boutique and end-users-little angels to wear gorgeously. 

You can see hands of Babeeni’s employees always working hard all the time so that Babeeni’s garment products are always at good quality to satisfy customers all the time.   

Say “good bye” to finished dresses and welcome their abroad journey to importing countries to serve kids fashion over the world. 

Therefore, Babeeni Vietnam manufacturer is one of your wise choices in seeking for a wholesaler or supplier on kids clothing when Babeeni can offer you the most reasonable price and expected quality.   



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