Get Dressed and Back to School

After Covid-19 lockdown period, it is time for children to back to school. A 5-year-old baby boy Jack was too lazy to want to go to school. He insisted on staying home with his pet cat. His mother was very worried. She told Jack a story about a cat.

There is fatty and lazy cat that is always at home and mostly sleep all day. He often plays with his owner – little boy.One day, the boy had to go to school and away from home. The cat felt boring and lonely. He He desired to become a human like the little boy so that he can have a chance to go to school. The cat opened the little boy’s clothes wardrobe and take a shortall. Suddenly, the cat turns into a baby boy. He was so excited to be ready to take a school bus to go to classroom. He met teachers who taught him many interesting knowledge, and friends who shared homework and toys. He had incredible moments to interact with humans. When attending a class, the cat explored what is quite new and attractive to him. From lessons at school, he know to do something that he could not do before. He admire of himself and love to keep going-to-school days frequently.

However, one day, when the cat pulled out a baby boy clothing set, suddenly he remained to be in a cat’s appearance. He was very sad when he cannot back to school. Then, Kungfu Panda, the bear from the cartoon appeared and said to the cat: “Though you are not as lucky as humans who can have a chance to go to school and take more education, do not give up learning, even you are a cat. I have been trained by many teachers and become powerful now. You can do something in your ability like that”. So, the cat go outside of his home and learn how to run and climb. He got more flexible and independent. He feel admired of himself.

After telling the story, Jack’s mother told him: “Obviously, you are more lucky than your cat. So, get dressed to back to school where there are so many exciting things waiting for you to explore. Going to school is also a chance for you to perform with your unique kids fashion. Why do not you let your friends know how nice and smart you are?”

It is the way a mother persuade her kid to back to you. And you?

We also like to suggest some nice back-to-school kids clothing designs to encourage children to wear when they attend classes.

Cute bookworm boy applique outfit – BB1124

Cute bookworm boy clothing with bookworm applique pattern on the chest, round neck, short sleeves

Cute schoolbus applique boy jon jon – BB696

Cute boy jon jon with schoolbus applique on the chest, buttons on the shoulder and snaps at the crotch for easy dressing.

Adorable gingham smocked boy shortall – BB1432

Gingham smocked shortall for schoolboy with smocked pleats on the bodice, shoulder straps, snap at crotch

Bookworm smocked boy shortall – BB1434

Nice shortall for little boy on back to school day featured with handmade smocked patterns, shoulder buttons, crotch snaps.

Applique back to school boy shortall – BB1426

Nice boy shortall for back to school with applique pattern, shoulder buttons, crotch snaps.

Lovely alphabet boy smocked shortall – BB1131

Lovely baby boy shortall featured with ABC blackboard smocked pattern on the bodice, buttons on shoulder, snap at crotch




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