Some adorable geometric smocked dresses for little princess


Dressing up for little girls is always an important task before every trip. If you are planning a family trip in summer and do not know how to choose a lovely geometric smocked dress for your daughter, this post will help you can do it easily. Let’s follow and see our gorgeous geometric smocked designs below!

Smocked dresses clothes are very diversified with many styles and designs and manufacturers still continue to produce as many as new dress models. They are getting more popular and beloved by many girls all over the world. The marketplace for girl smocked dress is really big. To geometric smocked dress, it is really a high-quality smocked garment.

When looking at this kind of smocked dress, the first impression will focus on geometric smocked pattern on the body. It usually places under the collar and wraps around the chest. Geometric smocked patterns were made carefully and meticulously with many parallel zigzag lines or parallel slanting lines also adorned with small vignettes across the bosom such as flowers and leafs. Nobody can complain about the quality of geometric smocked patterns. This point makes it become outstanding and different to another kind of smocked dresses. As you will recognize why I mentioned above that it is really a high – quality raiment for little girls. Mothers might wear it for their angel to go out or go picnic, even go to a party and do not have to worry anymore. They sure will be happy and look so stunning in wear.

In Babeeni collection, you can select freely whatever designs you think it is suitable for your girl. There are tons of choices to choose. But in this post, I will introduce some cutest designs in our collection to help you easily imagine the beauty of geometric smocked dresses.

The first model I want to share with you is model DR 2280. This is a lovely smocked dress with geometric and small flowers smocked pattern under the scallop collar. We have three matching dresses like this in our collection with color: navy blue and purple. Imagining your daughters dress them and stand side by side, nothing can be beautiful than this scene, at this time.


Next model is DR 2262. Nothing words can describe the beauty of this dress. Two cute pockets on the front make it more

Last design I want to share in this entry is a white smocked dress with pretty geometric smocked pattern on the chest, puff-sleeves, two small pockets on the front and tie at the back to easily get tight or loose. What a lovely dress !white-geometric-girl-dress

That is all I want to present with you. To see lots of other adorable geometric smocked dresses, please visit our website and sign up to become a Babeeni user.


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