Eyes of Love

A mother got blind after an accident. Her husband left home then.  She has to struggle more to raise a baby girl. Though the disabled eyes, she still can sew clothes as her previous job.

One day, the kid said to her: “My classmates are jeering me as a poor girl. They said I am not pretty, not smart, not rich at all.  I feel unhappy because I have nothing.”

The mother was silent for a while then said: “Baby, it is not true. It is just because of their own eyes to see nothing .”

The day after, when the daughter woke up, she is very surprised by a beautiful dress made by her mom. She looked very gorgeous in the clothing to go to school. She felt more confident and got good marks.

Then , the blind mother told: “Baby, it is the dress that I have made during last night. You see, I am poor in seeing ability, but I still possess determination to gain something. Thus, you can do it, too. Indeed, I see you are pretty, intelligent and rich enough.”

“But you cannot see how I look now.” The kid sadly said. “Oh, without eyes, I still can see you more clearly with my hands and heart, like the way I embroider this dress.”

Sometimes, eyes do not mean literally, it may be any sense of humans when people can see everything with love and humanity.

With similar eyes, crafsmen of Babeeni also make garments in the same way full of love and determination of the mother.

Let’s see hand embroidered clothings to see how beautiful eyes of threads and needles of Babeeni:

Beautiful watermelon smocked baby bubble – DR 2586

Feature: Pretty watermelon smocked baby bubble with smocked patterns around the neck

Material: Blue with tiny dot fabric

Lovely flower hand smocked bubble – DR 2530

Feature:Nice smocked bubble for little girl with geometric and flower hand smocked patterns on the neck, angel sleeves

Material:Mint with rose boutique

Exquisite yoke dress with hand-smocked swordfish – DR 2555

Feature:  An eye-catching yoke dress for baby girls with hand-smocked patterns of swordfish on the chest, lovely bow straps at back and ruffle in yellow with white polka dot fabric. Material: Yellow, White & Navy plaid fabric

Girl yoke smocked dress with cupcake smocked pattern – DR 2239

Feature: Cute yoke smocked dress with cupcakes hand smocked  pattern on the chest, sleeveless

Material: Hot pink with multi colors dot

Baby Girl 3D Ruffle Princess Embroidery Dress- DR 2834

Feature:  Baby Girl  3D Ruffle Princess Embroidery Dress for the little girl with sculpture 3D  Ruffles on the bottom and Princess Embroidery pattern on the chest,  sleeveless.  Material:Pink window pane fabric.

Net embroidery Dress for Baby Girl-DR 2603

Feature: Stunning net embroidered dress with princess net embroidered pattern on the collar, ruffle around collar

Material: Blue window pane fabric

Red lobster embroidery and french knot girls bubble – DR 1773

Feature:  Girls bubble with red lobster embroidery and french knot pattern on the chest, buttons at crotch for easy dressing

Material: Red with medium black dots, white plain fabric

Colorful flowers embroidery and french knot bubble – DR 1772

Feature:  Girls bubble with beautiful flowers embroidery and french knot pattern on the chest, buttons at crotch for easy dressing, embroidery and french knot.

Material: Pink stripe seersucker, white plain, pink argyle fabric

Maple tree embroidery and french knot girls bubble – DR 1774

Feature:  Girls bubble with Maple tree embroidery and french knot pattern on the chest, buttons at crotch for easy dressing

Material: Red and white plain fabric

































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