Easter-Value of Happiness

A couple did not have a child for 10 years. But they still kept hope to get a baby someday. Everyday the wife went to church to pray, and sew seasonal clothes for her future baby. The husband tries to seek for treatments to cure. He said to his wife: “No worries. If we desire and make much effort, the God will see it.”

Eventually, their desire bring them happiness when the wife had pregnancy to have a twin of a boy and a girl. The new babies were born right on Easter’s days. The wife said: “Darling, now I can believe every dream will come true when we has hope and durable belief.

The parent are so happy, they love their kids so much that they even indulge and accept all what they want. The kids grow in a full life but they become hostile and behave badly.

One day, both of kids got sick seriously because of a strange disease. In a night, the mommy had a dream to meet a Rabbit Angel, he said: “You has strong hope to have a baby and the dream come true, but if you do not know how to take care of them and teach them good persons, they will leave you. Now plant a field of carrots, let them share you with jobs, and let them feel about the value of labor and what they have. After harvest, their disease will disappear.”

The parents followed the advice of the Rabbit. Though the kids were sick and lazy, they were still asked to work hard. When they help their dad collect the harvest, they feel what they eat is tasty more than ever. When they help their mom thread to needles to embroider clothes, they feel what they wear is beautiful more than ever. On Easter’s days, they made themselves chocolate eggs to share with neighbors. They become healthier and good-hearted kids. And the family had a happy Easter Day with something new and fresh.

Indeed, everything is getting well when we had a positive attitude toward life and share with others.

Now let’s go with Babeeni to bring your kids new clothes for Easter feasts, as well as help them understand value of happiness.

Beautiful Easter girl smocked dress – BB1152

Feature: Beautiful girl smocked dress for Easter with Bunny & Easter eggs on the bodice

Fabric: Multicolor oval printed fabric & Hot pink plain

Lovely Easter girl embroidery dress- BB1158

Feature: Lovely girl dress for Easter occasion with Bunny eggs train shadow embroidery pattern on large white rectangle bib, back buttons

Fabric: Pink lattice & White plain

Technic: Shadow hand embroidery 

Nice bunny and cross appliqued boy outfit – BB1036

Feature: Cute set for little boy with bunny and cross appliqued on the top.


– Top: Blue plain knit

– Bottom: Blue knit stripe

Lovely bunny applique A-line dress for little girl – BB489

Feature: Lovely A-line dress with bunny applique on the chest, short sleeve
Material:  Pink small chevron
Bunny and egg hand smocked Easter dress – BB1373

Feature: Beautiful dress for little girl on Easter with bunny and egg hand smocked patterns, round neck, angel sleeves, long bow tie at back

Fabric: Blue lattice fabric

Easter carrot applique set for little girl – BB493

Feature: Cute applique knit set for baby girls with bunny and carrot applique on the chest, long sleeve
+Top: White knit
+Bottom: Pink polka dot knit
Supply type: ODM service
Technic : Appliqued
Easter egg smocked shortall – BB183
Feature: Lovely boy smocked shortall with egg hand smocked pattern on the chest. Buttons at shoulder for easy dressing
Material: Red gingham
Technic: Hand smocked
Carrot smocked baby bubbles for Easter – BB181
Feature: Lovely girls smocked bubble with bunny carrot hand smocked on the chest, angel sleeves, buttons at back and snaps at the crotch for easy putting on and off
Material: Orange gingham
Technic: Hand smocked
Adorable Easter boy smocked longall – BB1169

Feature: Adorable boy smocked romper for Easter with fluffy tail bunnies smocked pattern on the bodice, shoulder buttons, snap at crotch

Fabric: Blue check



























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