Cotton smocked clothing: should or should not choose for winter

As you know, during the summer months, cotton smocked clothes will be the good choice to wear. But shouldn’t we wear cotton smocked clothing for winter time? Everyone will have different opinions for oneself about this issue. In this post, we are going to discuss this point. Let’s get started now.

Should we wear cotton smocked clothing in winter time?

Need to know about cotton fabric

First of all, just start with a few information about cotton fibre. Cotton is a popular material in the textile industry. The role of cotton is very important because, excepting the clothes which entirely made of cotton, it is also an element to produce other materials like polyester or rayon. One more reason makes the cotton be favorite is natural its origin. Therefore, cotton is one of the most friendly fabrics to human skin.  

cotton smocked baby clothing


Besides no harmfulness to skin, cotton is very supple, then it brings the comfortable feeling for wearers when putting on. The surface structure with small airy-holes helps atmosphere transfer instantly between inside and outside. In addition, cotton may absorb moisture and sweat very fast to keep dry sensation longer. For all features mentioned above, easy to understand why cotton smocked clothing is the selection of many mothers in the summer.  

Consider under winter conditions

During the winter, people always want to limit touching water to keep the body as dry as possible. In the case, you get wet, cotton will become a robber who draws hot heat get out of your body. And very fast to feel cold when the body does not hold enough heat to dry it out. Go together with chilliness is uncomfortable impression when wet clothing clings to the skin. To avoid this situation, instead of cotton, you should pick wool or fleece fabric to wear. Because fleece and wool still retain heat and have insulation ability.

Consider choosing cotton smocked clothes for baby on Winter

However, it doesn’t mean you have to store cotton smocked clothes to reuse for the next season. You just need to wear them by the right way.

Wear cotton smocked clothing in winter

The simple way to wear cotton smocked outfits in the winter is dressing them as the middle layer. By this way, you can protect your body from cold air and still be looking stylish. But remember to choose a heavier cotton smocked clothing for the best protection.

Use smocked cotton clothing as a middle outfit layer keep you warm and stylish at the same time

If you have any idea to dress well in cotton smocked clothing in the winter, hope that we will see it in the comment section below.


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