Childhood Clothing Designs are Timeless

If childhood is one of the most beautiful living stages of a human, clothing plays a role of the “look” of childhood. Let’s have an overview over changes of childhood fashion so discover something interesting about through history and their ages. Before 20th century, infants tended to wear clothing that did not have sex distinction. So, in the past, little boys were attired in skirts or dresses, like girls. When kids include girls and boys began crawl and walk, their parents chose to get them dressed in short skirts, called petticoats until they are around six or seven years old. When children get older, their parents can have choices of kids clothing depending on how they are female or masculine.From 17th century until now, parents also choose gowns for babies at around six months old. Little girls wear frocks until they went to adolescence. They choose classical style with high waists.

Until 1865, the features of children dress are a wide off-the-shoulder neckline,  puff sleeves and wide bodice. In the 1920s, the rompers were  decorated with floral and animal motifs. Today this style remains to be combined with flowers, cartoon characters. In early 20th century contemporary little girls’ dresses were worn mostly in the same style until nowadays.

Since then, fashion tendency seems to be timeless with smocked dresses, floral bubbles for kids.

Some contemporary smocked dress that could be chosen through history of childhood of many generations.

Highly appreciating values of vintage kids fashion, Babeeni has developed various designs in timeless styles through history.

Let’s trace some remarkable designs:

Flower garden dress with front button 

Beautiful flower dress with geometric patterns and tiny flower smocked around the neck. Ruffles are attached to smock around V-line collars. The dress has short puff sleeves and 2 front lines of buttons.

Pure little girl hand smocked dress

Geometric hand-embroidered pattern on the chest, along with floral laces around the peter-pan collar, long sleeves, to make an elegant style.

Smocked flowery geometric pink Peony girl bubble

Lovely smocked bubble for the little girl with lovely flowery geometric pattern smocked around the neck, angle-sleeves with embellished laces.

Pretty floral smocked baby bubble

Nice smocked baby bubble with red geometric hand smocked patterns on the neck

Lovely baby girl wild animals smocked dress

the smocked patterns on wild animals, puff sleeves, zig zac edges, the dress makes little girls graceful like a cute angel of fresh nature.


Adorable baby girl fall leaves bishop dress

ith the smocked fall-winter leaves patterns and puff sleeves, the dress makes little girls graceful like a cute angel of autumn.





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