Cute as Bubbles for Babies

A mother had a depression disease after having a baby. She always feel annoyed and unhappy though her baby looks cute. His husband is very worried. A doctor said him: “Depression is a psychological disease that need family love to heal it better.” Her husband stopped to go to work so as that he could stay at home, take care of his wife and baby.

He came to clothing boutiques to buy the most beautiful dresses for your wife but she was not interested in them. He focused on dressing his baby with adorable clothing. The baby is very cute and adorable but her mom still ignore it. One morning, when the husband open window, wear his baby with a nice smocked dress, the baby laughed and show much excitement. The mother suddenly smiles after many days of feeling boring. She said: “The baby is so cute, I want to embroider on my sweetie’s bubbles”. The husband was so happy to see his wife get excited again. He said: “Yes, let me find threads for you to embroider. Our baby is cute like a angel who heal everything and make all us happy”.  Since then, the mother recovers from this depression disease and smocks dresses by herself for her baby. Their family live happily together.

Children is always angels who bring us happiness and help us to overcome obstacles with their cuteness and attractive beauty.

Let’s go to buy some bubbles to adore your little angels with designs by Babeeni:

Lovely giraffe embroidered girl bubble – DR 2441 

Feature: Lovely baby girl bubble with three giraffe embroidered on the unique square collar by the new technique of shadow work embroidery, short sleeves, crotch snaps.
Material: Yellow medium stripe seersucker + White medium stripe seersucker
Sailing boat applique girl bubbe – DR 2459
Feature: Cute bubble for baby girl with sailing boat applique pattern, shoulder buttons.
Material: Yellow chevron
Snail smocked bubble romper – DR 2445 
Feature: Cute bubble for baby girl with snails and flowers hand smocked patterns. Multi color oval printed and pink plain ruffle is a winning combination.
Material: Multi color oval printed fabric + Pink plain ruffles
Blue geometric smocked bubble – LQ 003 
Feature:   Lovely smocked baby bubble with blue geometric smocked pattern was inserted on the chest, snap for easy dressing

Material :   blue plain

Cute stroller smocked bubble for baby – LQ 006 
Feature:   Cute smocked baby bubble with strollers smocked pattern on the chest, buttons at back for easy dressing.

Material :   pink knit

Baby boy short bubble –
Feature:  boy smocked bubble with owls smocked pattern on the chest
Material: Brown gingham
Snowman embroidery and french knot bubble – BC 473 
Feature:  Adorable bubble with cute snowman embroidery and french knot pattern on the chest, buttons at crotch for easy dressing
Material: Purple gingham, white plain fabric
Heart truck long smocked bubble for baby boys – BC 585 
Feature: Lovely smocked long bubble for baby boy for Valentine with heart truck hand smocked on the chest,snaps at the crotch for easy dressing
Material : Red gingham fabric
Brown corduroy plain long bubble for baby boy – BC 617 
Feature: Nice baby boy long bubble, buttons on back and snaps at the crotch for easy dressing.
Material: Brown corduroy
Santa Claus smocked boy bubble for Christmas – BC 623 
Feature: Nice smocked long baby boy bubble for Christmas with Santa Claus hand smocked on the chest, snaps at the crotch for easy dressing.
Material: Blue corduroy

















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