A Sweet Mermaid in Swimwear

There was a little girl who cannot swim and fear of water. Summer holiday came, her family planned to travel a sea. She is not interested in this. She said to parents “I do not want to go, I want to stay at home”. Her mother understand the daughter’s reason. She had a solution that she came to Babeeni for a consulting. With an available idea from Swim Wear” for baby girls, Babeeni suggested her to bring home the swim suits and tell the daughter about a story on a mermaid. The mother followed the advice. Finally, her little girl are persuaded to change her mind. Even she was very eager to wear all the swimsuits during the trip to the sea.

Now let’s follow the inspiring story that the mother told her baby girl:

“A timid mermaid was not confident about her swiming ability, so she was afraid of playing with the crowd. Her life is quiet in small shell house. One day, a funny whale randomly passed and determinedly invite the mermaid to go out. The whale said “If you only curled up in this shell, you will become a scallop someday, and never know how interesting the outside life is”.  You can see, here is the very whale.

Cute whale applique 2 pieces swimwear – BB912 










Feature: 2 piece swimwear  with whale applique pattern on the chest.

Material: Lime green gingham + hot pink with white dots

Lovely whale applique swimwear for girl – BB965

Feature:  Swimwear for little girl with whale applique pattern on the chest

Material: Pink greek key pattern + aqua with small white dot fabric

Whale smocked one piece swimsuit for girls – BB1415 

Feature: Swimsuit with hand smocked and machine embroidery patterns and angel sleeves. 

Fabric: White with blue dot

Technic: Hand smocked + Machine embroidery

The Whale performed to transform colours from pink, blue or navy. The mermaid was attracted, so she decide to try a trip outside. On the way,  they met more other friends like fish, octopus, star fish, and crabs. All of them had dance shows with waves happily.

Sea creature smocked bikini – BB1536 

Feature: swimwear with hand smocked on the bodice                                                                                                                                                                                                     








Nice octopus smocked girl swimwear – BB897










Feature: swimwear with hand smocked on the bodice

Material : Aqua stripe seersucker 

Suddenly, a huge lobster appeared and frighten the dance group. The mermaid naturally reacted to swim very quick. She also brought little friends on her back. However, the lobster chased and tried to explained: “Friends, please be calm, I am not bad. I only wish to play with all you”.

Lobster smocked swimwear for little girl – BB990

Feature : Girl swimwear with hand smocked on the chest

Material : Red with small white dot fabric









And so friends came back and danced together again.

The lobster also led little friends to meet a village of other mermaids. It is so exciting!

Little Mermaid smocked swimsuit girl – BB1541










Adorable mermaid smocked swimwear for girl – BB977










All the sea creatures swam farther to the beach with interesting games. It is the first time for the timid mermaid to discover so exciting things to see the life so wonderful.  Since that day, she practiced to swim more and become the most best swimmer and best beautiful mermaid in contests.

Summer girl smocked one piece swimsuit – BB1181   









Beach hand smocked bikini for girl – BB1538

Feature: Pretty bikini swimwear for little girl with hand smocked patterns, neck string. 









After telling the story, you asked your kids: “Do you want to become mermaid for some days?”

Surely, the babies will say “yes, of course. I like swimming”. Thus, let your kid discover the ocean in her own eyes.

And do not forget to take some sexy and pretty swimwears of Babeeni to make kids relax perfectly.


















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