Beauty around Baby

A little girl Bella are weak in health and allergic to anything, so her parents worried and did not allow her go outside or contact anything sensible. They told her that many things around you are dangerous and ugly, so do not touch them. They often let her alone at home while they go to work. Bella are not allowed to go to school or hang out with friends. She like drawing but mostly she feel nothing interesting to inspire her to draw. On the birthday, her mother brought her a floral dress as a gift. But Bella refused to receive it. She said to her mom: “I do not like wear what is not real, I have not ever touched the flowers like on this dress. So, I cannot know how beautiful it is. I am sad I cannot draw anything even I have never seen them.”

Then her mother took her Bella to a garden of flowers and let her free to touch any though she was afraid Bella would get serious allergy after that time. But magically, Bella did not get allergic to anything. It’s her excitement and desire make her harmonize with everything around. Since that day, the parents let Bella live a lively as other kids.

And she feel stronger and gain more feelings and emotions about things around herself so she drew impressive paintings. And her mom embroider patterns as her paintings on fabric of clothes. Bella was so happy to wear it.

Since that day, Bella’s parents understand kids need get on with nature and life around so they will grow better and strong to adapt their life.

Let’s kids see everything beautiful around them and discover beauty in their own way.

And let kids feel beauty of their clothes by themselves at Babeeni:

Girl set of shirt and floral coat – BB1679

Feature: Long sleeve shirt and sleeveless coat for girl. The fleece coat is embellished with pads of floral fabric. The shirt has floral ruffle on top of sleeves as the highlight.


+Coat: peace pink fleece + richloom queen floral

+Shirt: blue plain + richloom queen floral

Supply type: ODM service

Technic: Plain

Unique paisley embroidered dress – BB1683

Feature: Beautiful girl dress with paisley pattern embroidered on the top part. Mixed by pique and printed woven fabric. Hips are embellished with hot pink bows.

Fabric: White pique + Paisley 100% cotton

Stylish geometric short set for girl – BB1673

Feature: Pretty clothing set for little girl with geometric smock around the neck, back buttons, puff sleeves.


             +Bottom: hot pink plain

Night flower garden dress with front button – BB1669

Feature: Beautiful flower dress with geometric patterns and tiny flower smocked around the neck. Ruffle is attached to smock around V-line collars. The dress has short puff sleeves and 2 front lines of buttons.

Fabric: large pink and navy floral fabric

Floral girl bubble with geometric smock – BB1671

Feature: Pretty baby girl short bubble with tiny flower hand embroidered patterns on geometric smocked plate around the neck, angel sleeves, crotch snap buttons.

Fabric: Pink with rose boutique

Graceful pink dress with embroidered dresses on smock – BB1678

Feature: Beautiful girl dress in bishop style with smock and hand-embroidered dresses on the neck, short sleeves. The dress is embellished with white dotted mint hem.

Fabric: Peach pink plain + mint with white dot fabric

Sweet heart smocked dress in bishop style – BB1675

Feature: Cute hearts smocked bishop for girls. Back buttons for easy dressing, puff sleeves.

Fabric: Pink large check

Girl long set of shirt and coat for fall winter – BB1681

Feature: Nice long clothing set for little girl with embroidered pattern of dresses, round neck, puff sleeves. Ruffles on top of sleeves and legs.

Fabric: +Top: Peace pink plain

             +Bottom: Mint with white dot fabric





































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