Good longalls only for good boys

James is the only son of a tailor. His father specializing in tailoring clothes for kids. So, everyday there are many customers and kids coming to his house to order. One day, looking at a handsome little boy in a new longall, James feel envious about the boy’s good appearance. He is so naughty to use ink to make the clothes dirty despite that his father have just made to give the customer boy. James’ father saw his bad action but only said nothing. In the night, the father silently went to use some removable ink to draw many spots on James’s face while Jame was sleeping.

When waking up, James was very upset to see himself in the mirror. He cried out: “Daddy, my face is so terrible. What happened to me during the last night?” The father then said: “Oh, I guess it is a punishment from the God to bad kids. Think what you do anything bad recently. A way to remove spots is to do something good.” “Oh, sorry, I did…”

James found the new longall and himself wash it by hands but dirty spots of longan, then return it and confess to the dad: “daddy, I corrected my mistake. Can the God forgive me?” The father said: “Baby, what you did is bad for other people and maybe it is difficult to remove your mistake like these spots, only you need make new one again instead.” The father gave James another longall: “I only can help make this new for you only this time. If you still keep bad hobbies next time, your face forever spotted ugly.” James promised that and become a good boy since that.

Kids are like immature trees, so how they grow depends on how parents or adults teach us. And let them wear elegant clothes and wear hobbies as well as kindness everyday.

Let’s see a variety of longalls for good kids at Babeeni’s shop.

Wild animals smocked boy longall – BB1290

Feature: Wild animals smocked longall for baby boy. Crotch snaps down to stripe

Fabric: Turquoise check fabric

Red black gingham seersucker shortall – BB648

Feature: Lovely shortall for boys with tabs, buttons on the shoulders for easy dressing
Material: Red black gingham seersucker
Sailboat hand smocked boy shortall – BB1525

Feature: Nice shortall for baby boy with sailboat, anchor, lighthouse and ship wheel hand smocked patterns, shoulder buttons, crotch snaps.

Fabric: Lighthouse, anchor and sailboat printed fabric

Nice bicycle smocked shortall – BB1174 

Feature: Hand smocked jon jon for baby boy with bicycle scooter hand smocked patterns, sleeveless, shoulder buttons, crotch snaps

Fabric: Red large gingham

School stationery hand embroidered shortall – BB1428

Feature: Nice boy shortall for back to school with school stationery hand embroidered patterns on large square collar. Crotch snaps.

Fabric: Blue window pane fabric

Cute apple boy shortall – BB1430

Feature:Cute smocked shortall for back to school occasion with apples smocked pattern on the bodice, side tabs, shoulder buttons, snap at crotch

Fabric: Light blue medium stripe seersucker + red pique plain

Adorable gingham smocked boy shortall – BB1432

Feature: Gingham smocked shortall for schoolboy with smocked pleats on the bodice, shoulder straps, snap at crotch

Fabric: Navy blue check & red gingham

Farm vehicle smocked boy shortall – BB1500

Feature: Nice shortall for baby boy with farm vehicle hand smocked patterns on the bodice, sleeveless, shoulder buttons, crotch snaps.

Fabric: Yellow chevron
























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