Motherhood in “Mommy And Me”

Motherhood in “Mommy And Me”

On an occasion to review on Babeeni’s collection “Mommy&Me”, I recall about a moving story on motherhood.

It is the story of a little girl Kate and her mother. Kate’s father died since she was born. Only her mom coped to take care of her. The mom was kind but looks not pretty. Kate was good looking like her father. She always feel ashamed when she went go outside with her mom. So, Kate is selfish to have never let her mom take her to go to school or any party gathering. Kate’s mom was very sad when she seemed to be absent in her daughter’s important public events.

One day, Kate had an accident and got comatose. Doctor said she need replace a new heart to recover. Obviously, nobody but her mother was ready to donate. It means she will die if doing this. But she accepted because Kate was more precious than her life.

Before surgery, she sewed 12 dresses by hand for her little daughter to wear for 12 months. When back to life, Kate felt extremely regretful for her bad previous behaviors. She cried so much and prayed for a magic to bring her mother alive. And a miracle by the God happened because of the great sacrifice of the mother. Another surgery for Kate’s mom was successful.

Since then, Kate is always proud to show everyone that she possessed a kind heart given by her mom and said “My mommy is the prettiest woman in the world”.  Kate also liked to wear the same clothing as her mom’s. Thus, the mother made similar dresses so both can wear to go out together.

How beautiful a story is!

With the same meaning, Babeeni collection “Mommy&Me” is beautiful for four seasons, , too. Let’s go with your kids to look over the twin clothings of Babeeni to honor the precious motherhood:









This lovely red dresses for a little girl matching her beloved mother’s. The floral fabric harmonize with the main red tone as symbol of the heart of the mother. As Kate’s mom, you should use your heart to listen to your daughter and beat the same rhythm with her.

Or the red taste of love is shown as below:

Navy Mommy&Me Dress- MM 20

With a great motherhood, the mother is not only ready to sacrifice for kids but always spend all time to share and take care of them through four seasons.

Babeeni understands this well. So, these sets of dresses are tailored to be suitable seasonally.

And here is the Spring that the mommy and baby can go together on festivals and parties.

Pretty Orange Mommy@Me dress – MM 18

You can see the Spring scent in the refreshing orange floral lady dress for the mommy matching the baby girl’s. Shoulder wings like the bird of paradise to make your daughter stylish.

And the Summer comes with flowers in vibrant sunlight.

Monogrammed rose dress – MM 19

Elegantly, the monogrammed dress for the little girl matching mother’s.

Suitable to dress up on special events, family gatherings, church, or any holiday.

And then the mommy and baby are all happy to enjoy the Autumn:

Delightful Monogrammed Mommy&Me Dress – MM 17

And here is for Winter for the final month to say “Merry Xmas!”

Elegant Mommy@Me Christmas dresses – MM 16 

With the Christmas clothings, you and kids will stand out on Xmas parties and family gathering. Strap is added and long sleeves is enough of warmth of motherhood.

Contemplating “Mommy&Me” of Babeeni, you can feel your key role in accompanying with your children as a good friend and a perfect mother. Share with any joy, sadness and desire of your kids by your kind heart. Like the way that Babeeni is making dresses by all heart.

Let’s honor the great hearts of Mothers by dressing Babeeni’s girl dresses so Mommy and Baby are always happy and beautiful together.































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